5 Reasons You Should Trade-In and Move Up

5 Reasons You Should Trade-In and Move Up

Trade-In and Move Up with Trinity Homes


Ever wished you could skip past the home-selling process and fast-forward to moving into your dream home? With Trinity Homes’ innovative Trade-In Program you can. Through this program, you purchase one of our move-in ready inventory homes or build your own custom home, and we purchase your current property “as is” at fair market value.

Here are five benefits of utilizing Trinity Homes’ Trade-In Program:

  1. No Double Mortgages or Contingencies

    With our Trade-In Program, you don’t have to worry about trying to line up a closing date for your current property with your move-in date; you can do it all on the same day. Additionally, you don’t have to move out of your current home until your new home is move-in ready.
  1. No Renovations

    Finding a homebuyer who will pay a good price without expecting any add-ons or refurbishments is rare. Since we buy your current home “as is,” you will not have to invest any time or money on expensive renovations or repairs.
  1. No Price Haggling

    Besides buying your home “as is,” we offer fair market value for your home. The first step is to send out one of our inspectors to conduct a walk-through appraisal of the house in order to determine the price we will offer. With the Trade-In Program, you will bypass the stressful negotiation period and pay no Realtor Commission Fee. This will save you at least six percent on the sale of your current property.
  1. No Showings

    Families with children and pets rejoice! When you take advantage of Trinity Homes’ Trade-In Program, you will avoid the hassle of staging your home for multiple showings.
  1. No Temporary Housing

    When you trade in your current home, you don’t need to worry about finding temporary housing. You can wait until your new custom home is move-in ready or longer if you need time to gather all your belongings and prepare your family for the transition.

Sounding too good to be true? Come check it out for yourself. For more information on our Trade-In Program, contact one of our sales associates or call (614) 898-7200. Let’s get trading!